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Or maybe it was after a song popular in 1761, around the time the jug was first produced in a traditional, brown salt glaze version. Doulton had made Toby jugs in the traditional manner since 1815 but in the 1920’s Harry Simeon added colour.

This inspired Charles Noke, a Doulton artist and modeller to rethink the Toby jug tradition.

For almost 200 years, Doulton products have been considered to be among the finest in quality and craftsmanship.

Since its inception, the company started by John Doulton, did business using the following names: The beautiful ceramic pieces being produced by Doulton & Company in the late 1800s were noticed by the British Royal family including Queen Victoria.

Toby Jugs have been around since the early 18th century.

They were revived by Doulton in the 19th century, who developed the idea into a range of character jugs.

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We Guarantee that every item listed is guaranteed as to condition 100% as described, free from cracks, chips and repairs (crazing is part of very old pieces and will be mentioned where applicable) - delivering for the buyer the utmost confidence in every purchase made with us.

Its products include dinnerware, giftware, cookware, porcelain, glassware, collectables, jewellery, linens, curtains and lighting.

Three of its brands were Royal Doulton, Royal Albert and Mintons.

Whether you are a serious collector of Doulton figurines or want a couple of cute Toby Jugs to decorate a shelf, having an up to date Royal Doulton price guide helps you to make an informed buying decision based on the current market price.

From its early beginning in 1815, the London-based Doulton Company grew to become one of the most well known pottery companies in the world.

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