Jared padalecki and alexis bledel dating

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"He’s in love with somebody who he thinks he doesn’t deserve so he’s found somebody else and convinced himself he can be happy with that person." The two stars went on to talk about the awkwardness of the sex scene and Rory's "smallest bed on the planet", especially as Jared is more than six foot tall! "In the outtakes I fell off that bed a couple of times." To which Jared recalled: "She did! "Oh my God, that had totally slipped my mind." "My feet definitely were off it.

"There was a shot where my waist to my head was laying on the bed but my legs were counterbalancing me on the floor so that I wouldn’t roll off.

The original show, which aired between 20, was set in a Connecticut town called Stars Hollow and followed single mother Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, and her daughter Rory, played by Alexis Bledel.

The limited series will consist of four 90-minute episodes and show Lorelai, Rory and Emily at a major crossroad in their lives.

"It works for the scene because it was supposed to be awkward, so maybe that’s why they bought the smallest bed on the planet." Jared has been signed up to the show's revival series along with Rory's other two serious boyfriends, Jess Mariano played by Milo Ventimiglia and and Logan Huntzberger played by Matt Czuchry.

The highly-anticipated season, which stars today on Netflix, will pick up from series 7 and follow the lives of Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore nine years later.

In the trailer video, Rory reveals: "I have no job, I have no credit, I have no underwear!

In an ideal world, “Gilmore Girls” fans would care just as much about Rory Gilmore’s (Alexis Bledel) career as they do about her love life. Our evidence: The many fierce debates over the last decade about whether Rory should have ended up with Dean, Jess, or Logan. And, frankly, it’s a lot more fun to discuss romantic entanglements than a fledgling — and often frustrating — writing career. We learn Rory is dating a guy named Paul who is so forgettable that literally no one can remember meeting him — and Rory forgets him quite often too, even though he’s her boyfriend of two years (!

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During a panel at the festival, the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said , nobody buys it,” Amy said (via Huffington Post).

“It was a time when a network wasn’t looking for a cohesive brand.

"The first time I walked into Stars Hollow was crazy. "I was walking by and being like 'There's Lorelai's house!

It's really cool walking through." Foster will appear in two episodes of the four, which each represent a different season.

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