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The trope of the impossibly chic Frenchwoman is one that fashion can’t seem to let go of. is releasing a capsule, out on Thursday, of new and reissued items bearing the original label.

If only the industry could decrypt the elusive formula, it would bottle it and sell it to us American plebeians. Elsewhere, the collection has sentimental touches like the letters embroidered on a shirt representing the initials of people who have influenced Mr.

have taken the internet by storm this week, delivering the latest viral video in the form of a cover mashup.

The video sees the girls playing a variety of pop songs, using just their voices, a cello, and a singular drum as they bend genres and mix together a variety of disparate top 10 hits.

Coco Chanel, immortalized not so much as a young woman but as an elegant matriarch, retires nearby.

French women are known for their great, seemingly effortless style, that certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Meet Instagram’s new girl crushes: Jeanne Damas and Nathalie Dumeix, Parisian friends whose dreamy lifestyle, captured in 2-by-2-inch form, has gained millions of likes.

The tote is completely reversible, with water-resistant canvas on one side and supple leather on the other, perfect for stashing wet suits and towels after a long day in the sun.

Some of these articles are written with a dash of knowing humor, because our French Girl obsession has become something of a joke.

(Last year, The Cut skewered its ubiquity in a post titled “97 Things You Can Do Like a French Girl.”) In fact, there are times when it seems like our French Girl may not even exist.

SENSITIVE CONTENT: With more than 1000 voyeurs watching through a live video sharing app called Periscope, a 19-year-old French woman took her own life in the south of Paris.

The death on Tuesday (local time) the latest in a string of tragedies and crimes broadcast through the app, including a rape in Ohio, US, in February and an assault on a drunken man in France last month.

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