Crown canning jars dating

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Operated in Sidney, Australia and Penrose, New Zealand during the period 1920's to 1940's.

During this time they manufactured a limited range of Jars and Insulators when compared to some of the other manufacturers.

Around three quarters of France's 66.4 million population live in urban areas, and Paris, the capital, has some 2.2 million inhabitants alone, with metropolitan Paris home to around 12.4 million people, according to the national statistic office (INSEE).

France has the second largest population in Europe after Germany, making up 13 percent of the European Union.

From that first ‘crown cork’ to our ground-breaking 360 End® beverage end to today's advanced shaping technology, Crown has led the way.

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Charles Mc Manus, who patented Nepro Cork, a substitute for natural cork, merges the New Process Cork Company into Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. Crown introduces high-speed, 3-piece bodymaking, revolutionizing the canmaking process.

The country’s colonial past is one reason why there are more than five million people of Arab and African descent living in France.

France has one of the largest economies in the Eurozone, after Germany.

18, 1878 when the community, represented by two eminent lawyers, was found to have the right of commerce of the compound.

According to Mother Caron, "It is only the desire of God's glory and the good of the poor that could give the necessary courage.

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