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A former country of southeast Europe bordering on the Adriatic Sea.

It was formed in 1918 as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929.

According to IHL, once the resolution declaring Kosovo’s independence was adopted, has Kosovo become a territory occupied either by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia or by Serbia? As a result, the Yugoslav People’s Army obtained or maintained in fierce fighting control over one third of the territory of Croatia, while in other parts of Croatia its troops had to retreat into their barracks where they were besieged. Was the conflict in Croatia in fall 1991 of an international or a non-international character? What role do the constitution of the former Yugoslavia (arguably implying a right for republics to secede), the declaration of independence of Croatia of 26 June 1991, and the recognition of Croatia by third States (30 on ) have in answering question a.? Should the UN Security Council answer this question? What dilemmas does the answering to this question create for any humanitarian organization?

Does it create different dilemmas for a Human Rights organization? Would you answer this question if you were the ICRC?

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He was secretary-general (later president) of the Communist Party (League of Communists) of Yugoslavia (1939–80), supreme commander of the Yugoslav Partisans (1941–45) and the Yugoslav People’s Army (1945–80), and marshal (1943–80), premier (1945–53), and Josip Broz was born to a large peasant family in Kumrovec, northwest of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, of a Croat father and a Slovene mother.Like many Bosnian refugees, Jasmin Sekic arrived in the United States by way of Germany, leaving his home in Todorovo in northwest Bosnia. For individuals like him who were old enough to remember Bosnia and young enough to become assimilated into American culture, forging an identity can be difficult. You’re an outsider to both sides in some ways.” Today, he has a job and is working on a master’s degree, while finding time to do volunteer work.He hid in a secret compartment of a Winnebago where he could see the road racing by underneath him, fleeing a war that had pitted two sides of his family against each other. “I realized how Americanized I had become,” he said. He credits his memories of the war and his experiences visiting Bosnia for bringing him from poverty to prosperity in barely a decade. from refugee parents, the cultural gap Sekic felt in Bosnia is wider and can manifest itself in harmful ways.For which of those goods did the Yugoslav People’s Army have an obligation to allow passage, and to what conditions could it subject such a free passage? What reactions to such a proposal can be expected from the Croats and from the Yugoslav authorities?Do they have an obligation to allow such an evacuation? What reaction can be expected from local and international public opinion? The hospital of Vukovar is no longer able to cope with the number of wounded soldiers and civilians.

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