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Then there’s the technology – do you want interference-averting digital or analogue?Some argue the latter avoids the long-term effects of microwave radiation from wireless technology on the developing brains of children, although scientific studies have yet to prove a link (also, remember that most houses hum with invisible waves already, through wi-fi, mobile phones and so on).With texting, email, Snapchat, and every other tech medium available, you can now multi-task your flirtations and dalliances.There are even dating websites that will help you arrange an illicit affair.And bear in mind that the more functions a monitor features, the more you’re going to be looking or listening out for during those precious moments your child is asleep. Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor: £35, Amazon Employing wireless DECT technology, this affordable, fuss-free monitor takes minutes to set up (though you have to factor in an initial 16 hours’ charging time) and takes up minimal space, making it a good option for travelling, particularly since the charged parent unit can be used without its power adapter.

A good model is the Logitech C910 with excellent reviews, Carl Zeiss optics and full 1080p recording.

There are many items that make wireless alarm system kits more appealing than an “old school” wired security system: What makes a wireless alarm system kit appealing is that they are less expensive over time than traditional security systems.

This is mainly because these systems are self-monitored and do not offer professional monitoring.

DIY wireless system kits are becoming more popular because they come with all the parts you need for comprehensive security monitoring, but without a monthly monitoring fee. There are some great start ups and crowdfunding campaigns on the rise, but they either aren’t available yet or are struggling to fix some of their quirks.

There’s great potential for this category and once companies work out their customer service and get their products in top shape competition will be tough.

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